Doane College Art and Educational Building

Crete, NE | August 2006 - August 2007
Willmar Electric Service had the privilege to be a part of the construction of Doane College Art and Education Building through our role of the electrical installation and focus on helping to retain the past and history of the old structures. Our final goal? To provide a building which continues to enhance Doane College’s nationally recognized education and art programs. Art is a dynamic aspect of Doane College. Therefore one of their main concerns involved the type of lighting that would be used to highlight their school’s colorful pieces. In order to correctly accommodate this request, Willmar Electric held many conferences with Doane College and Kingery Construction to connect their dreams with Willmar Electric’s imaginative yet pragmatic solutions. After several discussions and some direction, the appropriate light fixtures were obtained and installed to maximize the effect of each displayed art piece. Doane College highly desired to save the past within the present. One cornerstone of the college’s architecture was the unique library wall of the old building (see above). At the client’s request, the entire front of the library was transferred into the new building, piecing the old into the new. The client also possessed a desire to use all the original light fixtures. Willmar Electric met this new challenge with great anticipation and excitement. Throughout the project we updated the wiring to meet the electrical code and refurbished the old fixtures to be “new.” One new innovation Willmar Electric presented which Doane College was thrilled about was the Smart Switch: a device that can be programmed to do an array of tasks: from raising and lowering the lights to even turning hanging art pieces to face different directions. Doane College loved this idea so much, in fact, that they implemented the fixture not only in the art areas, but in lecture halls as well. Willmar Electric was presented with many unique opportunities during the construction process of the Doane College Art and Education Building – from providing proper lighting for art displays and lecture rooms, to meeting art light fixture maintenance issues, to addressing multi-floor lighting requests, and overall, preserve the old into the new. Willmar Electric values treating others the way you want to be treated; and the client’s requests may have be extraordinary, even including moving an entire wall from one building to another, but Willmar Electric saw a way to make their client’s dreams a reality.

Attention to detail, problem solving, oversight and commitment to excellence are all attributes associated with my experience with Willmar Electric.

Pappy Khouri

Treasurer (Retired), Doane College