Guantanamo Prison Camps 5 & 6

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba | 2004 - 2006

Ever since 9/11, the United States has been vigilant to keep up with terrorists threatening our country and protecting the safety of our nation. In 2004, the United States decided to develop a joint military prison and interrogation camp for the housing of terrorists in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Willmar Electric Service was granted the opportunity to be a part of the facilities development with the electrical installation.

Guantanamo Bay’s remote location presented a unique situation for procuring materials and labor. Therefore before construction began, Willmar Electric planned through the entire project and ordered supplies in bulk. The materials were then shipped in on a barge and were available throughout the job. Through creative thinking and intense planning, Willmar Electric was able to have all the materials needed for electrical installation on site and did not lose any days of construction time due to materials not being on hand.

Another challenge Willmar Electric faced was that of regulations. As this was a government facility, rather than having National Electrical Code (NEC) regulations, there were Federal regulations for construction. This included all electrical installations being inspected by specified government employees. GITMO Prison was a specialized complex that needed systems and installation that fit its own unique facility. Working with our client, Willmar Electric developed a fire alarm system with a sequence of operation that would work best for the prison. Throughout the project, Willmar Electric was open and willing to change to different electrical installation to fit the prison’s needs. To help facilitate the process further, our team matched the existing conduit systems to the security systems required for the projects.

A major hurdle that Willmar Electric needed to overcome on site was the presence of the media and security. Sensitivity to media was high, as the location and planning going into the project were intentionally kept private. Security was an issue as Willmar Electric needed to keep the prison officials information of our location at all times, and our plans throughout the day and week. This was required in order to not only keep the workers safe, the inmates separate, but the facility secure. Recognizing the importance of security to the government and nation, Willmar Electric was more than willing to work with the extra inspection that this special circumstance required.

Meet customer needs; even when those needs are at times extraordinary, Willmar Electric is always willing to go beyond the expected duties of an electrical contractor.

Did a fine job on the electrical wiring for the building and quickly resolved any and all issues that came up. Nebraska Heart Institute would recommend Willmar Electric without hesitation for any electrical contracting work. Julie Schmidt

CFO, Nebraska Heart Institute