Merry Christmas to everybody else in the room.

It’s Christmas time and tis the season to ask people what they are planning to do for the holidays.

You get a wide range of answers. The answers are all over the map.

Some of the answers I’ve gotten lately are sad, for example, for some people it is the first Christmas since a loved one died. Another person said they had no plans because the kids are going to be with their dad.

Some people’s plan seems crazy to me, but normal to them. One person told me “First we go to my wife’s parents, then we go to my Dad’s and finish at Mom’s. So we will drive about 150 during the day”. They even admit to “wore out the kids.” I hope they get an oil change for their car because they head out. Another told me they “have about 30 people over. The beer is in the fridge and whiskey is in the freezer. Stop by if you like.” I’ll pass, this party would seem to solve boredom but I don’t think I’ve gotten to this level of boredom, ever.

Of course, most answers are happy and people are looking forward to the day, weekend and in some cases the entire week. One person told me they “don’t really care what happens as long as we are together, Christmas season seems to be the only time we are all together.” Another said, “it is the first time my son will be home in 4 years.” Others have said it is their last Christmas it will be just them and the kids before some big event coming up in their lives such as a wedding or kids moving out of state

Still, others are a mix of sad, crazy and/or happy. Because somebody has to work or is deployed overseas the timing of Christmas had to be moved. I have even had a couple of people tell me Christmas their plans are still up in the air until they know if the effects a recent surgery are gone or “if my parents recover from the flu.”

Other people’s traditions can seem scary, boring, fun or many other things it might be offensive to list off on a blog so I won’t.

I will leave you with a plea. No matter what you are doing for Christmas or what your normal traditions are please consider borrowing Willmar Electric’s purpose statement, People making a difference for People, this Christmas. Be a light in the life of somebody. Bring joy, lighten the load or do a favor for somebody.

Different people need and want different things. Find out what the people around need and try to make it possible. It might be as simple as a phone call, help with the dishes or break from the normal routine. (In my case the person might just need me to leave the room).

I don’t know who to give the credit for the following advice but some of the best advice I ever got was “if everybody in the room worried about what is best for everybody else in the room, everybody in the room would be better off.” you might need to read it twice because the advice uses the same words over and over and is kind of confusing. It is a great motto if you want to make a difference for people.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Jesus is the ultimate example of servant leadership. Hopefully this Christmas I can follow his leadership and be a servant.

Merry Christmas!!!

David Chapin