My back has been hurting for about three years. In 2016 I was too busy as National Chair of ABC to do anything about it when the pain started. For another 18 months, I just put up with the pain because I’m not very good at stopping to go to a doctor appointment. It’s a hassle.

Early in 2018, I went to the doctor, and he tried a few things. Physical Therapy and pills didn’t’ solve anything so before I broke down completely from a physical standpoint, “broke down” went back to the doctor in early 2019. He gave me a few more options before anybody tries to operate on my back.

I would rather have back pain then a message and didn’t want stronger drugs, so I opted for going to the Chiropractor.

It has been a great experience. I will admit my back feels a little better. But the best part of going to this chiropractor is the lesson I am getting in customer service. (The worst part was looking at x-rays showing I have very little cartilage between two of my vertebra).

Everybody in the office knows my name when I walk in. (Of course, they know I’m coming because I have a prearranged appointment). But seldom are people excited to see me when I enter the room. So this is a nice change or pace.

The staff at my chiropractor’s office take customer care to the next level. As they escort me to the room for my treatments they ask about my time between visits. Not by saying something generic like “how was your weekend?” They ask things like “did you have a good trip to Oklahoma?” Or “how was weather in Minnesota?” Or other very specific question based on the last conversation we had.

They explain to me exactly what is going to happen next before moving to the next step.

When the chiropractor comes in the room, it is more of the same. He remembers the exact condition I was in on my last visit before I have to remind him.

Remembering details about me is impressive service, especially when your reason to go to a place is for personal care.

Meeting customer needs is one of our stated core Values at Willmar Electric. We pride ourselves on knowing what the customer needs and meeting those needs. We think to listen to a customer tell us their story is a key step in giving them good customer service.

If you remember from the first paragraph in this story, I didn’t get help with my back because I don’t like to go to appointments. I consider doctor appointments to be a hassle. But good customer service helped get me over the hassle factor.

I realize customer service goes beyond just caring and listening. Customer service also involves results. If my back doesn’t get better, I’ll stop using the chiropractor.

Willmar Electric’s customers also want results. Yesterday Lee Freudenburg and I went on a customer visit. During the conversation, the customer, LES, kept telling us how Mark Ashcraft and Lee solve their problems. Highlighting the conversation by saying “I call them because they know us and they know what they are doing.”

I love it. I want the core values to go beyond something we say in the morning huddles. I want customer service to be something my customer tell other people about us.