Sue and I, try hard to make sure we don’t miss chances to impart wisdom on our children. The older they get, the more those sessions involve their help in breaking down the situation to get to piercing out the lesson at the heart of the case.

When my children each graduated from high school, I wrote them a book. The book was full of stories from their youth and how those events provided lessons for the future.

Recently on a trip to the west coast both our daughters, Anne and Sara mentioned they had recently reread their book.

Last month our son, Mike, mentioned some comments a made about our church hiring off duty policeman for our services. He said, “I think of your advice on the subject often. Does it surprise you? You probably forgot you even said it.” I had not forgotten what I said, but I certainly haven’t thought about it since the words came out of my mouth.

For me, it was a quick remember how our children our students of what we say and do. In my case, it also showed me how my kids are learners. Wanting to improve every chance they get if it means applying the advice from their parents.


Great stuff. No pressure.

I don’t see it as pressure. I see it as an opportunity. I realize I need to study and analyze what I do to make sure I am acting out what I want to teach. I feel energized to break things down and figure things out to several levels.

To me, it seems fun and challenging. A challenge that will help propel me forward with energy.

I owe it to my adult children to continue to be somebody worth modeling and somebody whose advice is worth taking.

It is not only a challenge but a compliment. I’ll take both. Thank you, Anne, Mike, and Sara.