I don’t like instructions.

Don’t get me wrong.  I understand the role of instructions in our world.  I also understand people should use them.

I just struggle with them.  But, not in a rebellious way.  It isn’t like I am pining to do things my own way, I just don’t like to open a box, look for the instructions, go to step one and start.

Reading is one of my main hobbies.  But reading instructions is a drag.

Again, it isn’t that I want to figure out a different way.  I think I should be able to figure it out without reading the instructions.

It is a blind spot, a weakness, in me.

Lately, I have found myself getting over this personal flaw by having somebody else read the instructions to me and working with them as a team.   It works pretty well.

They tell me what to do, and together we get it done.

I am a grown and educated person.  I shouldn’t need to have to read the instructions.  When my son in law got a new grill, we put it together with him reading the instructions to me.

When a box comes from Amazon, I open it up, hand Sue the instructions, and do what I am told.  It is working great.

Remember, I understand we need instructions I just don’t like to read them.

It is humbling to tell you this.  Embarrassing really, but experts say we should acknowledge and admit our weaknesses.  Apparently, we all have them.  (I also have a short fuse and attention span!)

It was Patrick Lencioni’s podcast on June 10, 2020, titled “What Do You Suck At?”  that made me reflect on my weaknesses.

Admitting this weakness is difficult because one of my other flaws is being bugged when other people don’t understand something that I think is easy.  These two weaknesses aren’t a great combination.  The fancy word for this is impatience.

I encourage you to reflect on yourself and consider things you struggle with and admit they are weaknesses.  Then find a way to fix or work around your weakness.   It is very liberating.

I assume it will also make me a much more approachable person.  Being around a frustrated person is frustrating.