One of our core values at Willmar Electric is to meet the needs of our customers.   We believe in providing our customers with quality electrical construction without delays.

What quality means is widely debated.  Some people argue it means providing the highest level at all times.  This thinking means you always use the highest standard possible.

Others feel that quality is making sure you provide to the level needed.

At Willmar Electric, we fall into the latter group.

Let’s give you an example of the difference between the two thoughts on quality.

If you are hosting a meal, you have several options for what you could use for plates and flatware.  One option is to use fine china and silverware.  A second option is to use standard dishwasher safe plates and flatware made from some metal but not actual “silver” ware.   Finally, we could use disposable plates and plastic utensils.

Clearly, the fine china and flatware made from a precious metal are the highest level of quality.  But most of us would see using them as overkill in nearly every occasion.  At times we want the moment to get special attention, and we want to treat the moment with maximum prestige.  (And we have extra people on hand to help hand wash the dishes).  But most of the time, using the “regular” dishes and flatware does the job.  They are the quality level that is called for in the situation.  It seems like the best use of our resources and the resources entrusted to us.  Although clearly, on a few occasions, the time constraints, location, or ability to reuse the dishes mean we need to use the disposable dishes.

In our industry, we have the National Electrical Code (NEC) to provide a product that meets a safe standard.  Our projects also come with specifications (specs) we must conform to with our final product.

At Willmar Electric, we think it is important our customers are getting what they need.  Not merely something that meets a minimum standard. To meet customers’ needs, we need to understand their plans for the finished product.  We spend time upfront listening to customers to understand their needs.  Then when we go about our designs and installations with their needs in mind.