Chillicothe Reception and Diagnostic Center

Chillicothe, MO | June 2006 - July 2008
While in some places electricity is the tool that runs the printer or turns on the lights, in other institutions electricity is connected to more vital aspects, for example: safety. At Chillicothe Reception and Diagnostic Center, a correctional facility for over 1,600 women, electricity equals security. This was why when Willmar Electric Service was contracted to implement the electrical installation of the State of Missouri’s 120 million dollar venture, Willmar Electric knew diligence and organization would need to be a part of every step we took.

Willmar Electric encountered many obstacles within the project, but with imaginative thinking we saved the State of Missouri both time and money by discovering ways to work around them. One difficulty presented itself in the facilities need for constant power. This all ties back to power equals security aspect. What happens to a facility of this magnitude and security sensitivity, with such an electrical dependence, when there is a power outage? Recognizing the potential impact, Willmar Electric immediately made plans to install two megawatt generators. Some adjustments were required, but in the end Willmar Electric presented Chillicothe with our solution. In capacity size, the facility would both generate enough power to run a small rural community, and more importantly in this situation, provide a backup system for the correctional facility to use.

Then, Mother Nature threw herself into the mix. Not only did the Willmar Electric crew need to battle through downpours and flooding, they were then thrown a curve ball when both ice and snow storms hit the construction site. Setting up makeshift shelters and even bringing in portable heaters, the crews pressed on with their work despite the weather.

Due to the enormous size and magnitude of the project, Willmar Electric leaned heavily on the use of Pre-fab during construction. All the pieces were created in shop, labeled to be shipped, and finally put together onsite – similar to a larger-than-life jigsaw puzzle. By adjusting schedules and thinking outside of the box, Willmar Electric was able to work smoothly alongside other crews to accomplish the construction on time. Focusing on being approachable with regards to meeting customer needs.

Willmar Electric was presented with many challenging situations during the construction process of the Chillicothe Correctional Center – from learning to put together a massive jigsaw puzzle, to fighting through adverse forces of nature, to installing equipment that can power a small town. By the end of the project, Willmar Electric was pleased to see we had accomplished our goal: providing the State of Missouri with a correctional center which is safe for the inmates and not only keeps jobs in the local area, but increases them.

Did a fine job on the electrical wiring for the building and quickly resolved any and all issues that came up. Nebraska Heart Institute would recommend Willmar Electric without hesitation for any electrical contracting work.
Julie Schmidt

CFO, Nebraska Heart Institute