Nebraska Heart Institute

Lincoln, NE | Feb. '05 - Oct. '05
Ensuring safety is essential at every turn when it comes to electrical work. But, when the client is in the business of saving lives, it becomes the driving force. Such is the case with the Nebraska Heart Institute’s Medical Office Building expansion, in which Willmar Electric Service assisted on the design of lighting and the contracting of electrical installation.

One of the major difficulties facing Willmar Electric was the need the work around an active operating room – one where surgeries were not only already taking place, but also would continue to take place throughout construction. To address this concern, Willmar Electric sat down with the hospital staff and arranged a unique schedule, adjusting our work schedule to accommodate operating room hours. Precautions by Willmar Electric employees were then also taken. Willmar Electric staff was trained how to properly clean the areas that were worked in that day, ensuring no stray material found its way into the finished operating room. As a result of these steps, Willmar Electric and Nebraska Heart Institute were able to work together to complete the remodel of the operating room area so each company could smoothly move forward with their business operations and ensure the safety of patients.

Willmar Electric also developed new methods for installing sensitive medical equipment, often creating completely new protocols or adjusting plans to meet changing requirements. At every step, We ensured the work continued to support the Nebraska Heart Institute’s tradition of providing top care to heart patients from the entire region.

A hospital is a vital aspect of a community; Willmar Electric was excited and encouraged to have been a part of the expansion and renovation of Nebraska Heart Institute. All accomplished in true Willmar Electric fashion: People making a difference for other people.

Did a fine job on the electrical wiring for the building and quickly resolved any and all issues that came up. Nebraska Heart Institute would recommend Willmar Electric without hesitation for any electrical contracting work.
Julie Schmidt

CFO, Nebraska Heart Institute