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Innovative Solutions beyond what is expected of an Electrical Contractor.

Since 1920, customers have turned to Willmar Electric for incredibly efficient and innovative solutions that extend far beyond what you’d expect from an electrical service company.

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Whether you are seeking a position in the field or office, we want your next job with us to be a career. Willmar Electric is a people oriented company who has been in business for 100 years. 

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Our methods allow us to be as nimble and cost-effective throughout the US and in other locations around the world as we are in Minnesota, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Explore a few of our recent case studies below.




Most people who have talked to me in the last few months have neck problems. It is a cliché to call something a pain in the neck. If something is difficult or someone is bothersome, we call it a pain in the neck. Everybody who has had neck pain understands the origins...

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Bag of Chips

Bag of Chips

At Willmar Electric, we like to have fun. So, we include a daily educational piece during the office's morning huddle. On Wednesday, the educational piece is typically an idiom. (An idiom is a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from...

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I recently read the book “Mind Your Mindset” by Michael Hyatt and Megan Hyatt Miller. The book was interesting, especially in light of my conversation on the recent Chapin's Commute podcast with Mike Bennett about Safety ALWAYS. In the book, the authors point out how...

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Chapin's Commute Podcast

Chapin's Commute

Chapin’s Commute is a brand new podcast hosted by David Chapin in which he has in-depth conversations with people who have become known for qualities like service, independence, or generosity. The show’s producer, Sara Chapin, summarizes the episode and quizzes the participants. Enjoy getting to know David, Sara, and his guests on the show, which lasts about as long as a typical commute to work. Episodes premiere every other Wednesday at 6 AM.


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