Yesterday I got some great feedback from our customer on the Lincoln Christian School remodel project.

The Development Director, Mark Powell, says everybody from Willmar Electric has been great to work with on the project. Mark said Humberto makes a point to say hello every time he sees him.

What is the big deal about saying hello to somebody? It must mean something or our customer would not bring it up. Humberto’s warm greetings stand out, and Mark likes it.

One of our core values is Meeting Customer Needs.

Meeting Customer Needs goes beyond saying hello, of course. We shined well beyond our morning greetings. The completion day for the project is today, and today the school is moving into the new space.

We had a short window to complete the project, and we worked with the general contractor and other trades to meet this need. It is a very satisfying feeling knowing we accomplished this goal while maintaining positive relationships with the customer. Meeting deadlines can become contentious, but we try to stay approachable even under the stress of a hard deadline.

We had dozens of people work on the project. Having a customer tell us every one of them was great to work with this summer drives home an important point. We are trying to have a culture where each individual naturally lives out our core values of:

• Treat others the way you want to be treated
• Merit Shop
• Thrifty
• Meet customer needs

Thank you to everybody involved in the Lincoln Christian School project.