Recently I went on a trip that involved spending two nights in three different cities. The trip was to Dallas for a trade association committee I serve on, Lawton a Willmar Electric trip, and Colorado Springs for a national board I serve on.  The hotels varied widely in price, but in the end, the results were all the same.

I started in Dallas at the Grand Hyatt DRW. The hotel is literally at the airport. The view out my window was the runway. The entrance to the hotel is next to TSA. I parked in the same garage as the people boarding flights.  When I wanted to take a walk outside, I walked laps amongst the parked cars. I even got to see 6 cars being put out because they were on fire.

The service was excellent. Every employee asked if I needed help and gladly answered my every request.  When I walked by, they told me to have a nice day. When I came back from my car-b-que, they said, “welcome back.” They charged $260 a night. I don’t know if I have ever slept in a more comfortable bed with a nicer set of pillows.

I would have rather been at home, but I enjoyed the hotel.

The third and fourth nights were at the Hampton Inn in Lawton, Oklahoma. When I checked in, I encountered a friendly clerk. At breakfast, the guy restocking the food asked if I needed anything.  When I came out of my room one afternoon, the maid apologized for being in my way (She wasn’t in my way, but she still wanted to make sure I was happy).

Each time I came and left, they welcomed me back or said, “have a nice day.”  Very friendly. The cost of the room was $130 a night. I have slept in a better bed and have had nicer pillows.

I would have rather been at home, but I enjoyed the hotel.

The final night was at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. If you have ever stayed at or toured the Broadmoor, you know it is one of the nicest hotels in the USA. (Hint, if your hotel offers tours, it’s likely it is an excellent place.) In a word, the place was luxurious. When I asked where my meeting room was, somebody walked me to the room. Every employee greeted me warmly and wished me well.  Everything was top-notch.

As part of a large group, I got a discount on my room. It was $407 per night plus parking. I consider that an expensive hotel room. But it was first class, five stars, or whatever adjustive you want to use.

I would have rather been at home, but I enjoyed the hotel.

Clearly, the price I paid made a vast difference in many things about the hotels. The higher the price, the more I enjoyed my stay.

But the friendliness and customer service didn’t change at any of these hotels.


Because being a friend doesn’t cost money. Treating others with curiosity and respect is free. All you have to do is set your mind to doing it, and it can be done.

I hope this is the experience everybody who deals with Willmar Electric gets. We vow as part of our core values to treat others the way we want to be treated. And just like these three hotels, it is free for us to give away.