John Chapin Day.

This year I’m taking it upon myself to declare that today, January 3rd, is John Chapin Day. It is our Dad’s birthday, and he deserves some special recognition.

Our Dad is a very generous person. If you have spent much time with him, you understand and have likely benefited from his generosity.

Having the chance to work alongside him for many years allowed us to see his generosity firsthand.

It is hard to relate all the generous things he has done over the years. We can’t list many of them because we need to protect the identity of the recipients of his generosity, and we like to keep this blog to a roughly 3-4 minute read.

He bought half of a block in downtown Willmar to help revitalize it. Included in the project was a home for his parent to live in their final years. A key to the project was giving the Barn Theater a permanent home. The apartment building attached to the project never made money because he donated many units to people who needed a home and not-for-profit organizations.

When Youth for Christ was looking to relocate, he showed them the two properties he owed and let them have the one that most suited their needs.

The Chapin children grew up in a home where we were taught everything is God’s, and He has entrusted a small portion to us, and we should make sure we glorify Him with the part He entrusted to us.

I urge everybody who reads this message to honor my father by doing something generous today. You will love the feeling it gives you. Share what God has entrusted to you.