Willmar Electric is committed to working safely and efficiently.  Ensuring everyone goes home safely at the end of each day is a core part of our purpose statement of People Making a Difference for People.  Because we care about safety, we have developed a Safety Code of Conduct as a rallying cry for all Willmar Electric Coworkers to follow.

We have always placed a high value on safety and want to ensure it is the first thing people think about when they start a task.

We hang the code on all of our sites, which has been signed by most people working here.  Having the signature helps us understand we aren’t alone in our commitment and tend to hold us more accountable.

We have had a safety manual and written policy for decades.  But the code of conduct is more.  It isn’t just rules and regulations to govern our actions.  It outlines how we want to behave and the standard we want to live toward.

The 12 items in the Code of Conduct are echoed in our core values and brand promise.

We are organized by always wearing the required Personal Protective Equipment and keeping our work areas clean and free from danger. 

We treat others the way we want to be treated by respecting ourselves by working safely, respecting our coworkers by keeping them safe, and never walking by an unsafe act.

We demonstrate our commitment to merit shop by never diminishing safety by providing false or misleading information and maintaining our bodies by stretching daily. 

We do things right the first time by exercising the thrifty work practices of using the correct tool/ladder for the task and maintaining our equipment/tools.

We meet customer needs by recognizing and using fall protection when required, practicing lockout-tagout, and never performing live work.

We will remain on time by planning our work sufficiently to ensure no one feels obligated to sacrifice safety to get work done faster.

And we will always be approachable team players by offering or requesting assistance lifting anything greater than 50 pounds. 

The code is broken into several parts.  It lists the thing we will always do and things we will never do, outlines tools we plan to use to protect ourselves, and drives home the need for respect.  By codifying our safety standards, we more easily put them in front of each other.  We can point to a specific standard we will hold each other.

Work-related injuries negatively impact individuals, coworkers, friends, and families.  No job is worth risking life or bodily harm.  Willmar Electric Coworkers live by these rules and hold each other accountable to work safely.  It is our solemn pledge to care for each other and never to look the other way.